Permanent Staff

Alvarez Isabelle+33 1 44 27 87 38contact
Research scientist
Chercheur au LISC et au LIP6 (UPMC)
Robustness, viability and resilience in environmental models; geometric methods, decision support.
Etude de la robustesse et de la résilience de modèles de viabilité ; point de vue géométrique vs. point de vue probabiliste en aide à la décision.
André Géraldine+33 4 70 47 74 44contact
Computer scientist: Data acquisition and communication for the agriculture and the environment
Bernard Stephan+33 4 73 44 07 25contact
Bimonte Sandro+33 4 73 44 06 66contact
Boffety Daniel+33 4 70 47 74 45contact
Data acquisition and communication for the agriculture and the environment : embedded system, communication networks, wireless sensors networks, agricultural engineering
Chanet Jean-Pierre+33 4 73 44 06 78contact
Wireless Sensor Networks - Ontology - Data integration - Telecommunication
De Sousa Gil+33 4 73 44 07 36contact
Wireless Sensor Networks, Information Systems, Data Management and Integration
Deffuant Guillaume+33 4 73 44 06 14contact
Head of LISC and of research theme MOTIVE. Social simulation, empathy, machine learning, viability and resilience algorithms.
Dumoulin Nicolas+33 4 73 44 07 29contact
Computer scientist. java technologies − software design − simulation − numerical exploration
Faure Thierry+33 4 73 44 07 34contact
Ferluc Herve+33 4 73 44 06 61contact
Huet Sylvie+33 4 73 44 06 15contact
Research scientist Social simulation, social psychology, attitude dynamics, demography, innovation diffusion
Jabot Franck+33 4 73 44 07 33contact
Research scientist Ecological modelling − theoretical ecology − (meta)community ecology − ecological networks webpage
Martin Sophie+33 4 73 44 07 29contact
Mathias Jean-Denis+33 4 73 44 06 80contact
Research scientist modeling, social ecological systems, resilience
Pinet François+33 4 73 44 06 26contact
Research Director (Directeur de Recherche - HDR)
Roussey Catherine+33 4 73 44 06 88contact
Invited Researcher Information System using Ontology - Semantic Web - Ontology - Knowledge Representation - Information Retrieval
Smadi Charline+33 4 73 44 06 40contact
Research scientist Branching processes in random environment − Birth and death processes with competition − Population dynamics − Ecology − Evolution webpage
Soulignac Vincent+33 4 73 44 06 86contact

Temporary Staff

Bertazzi Ilariacontact
Caen Auguste+33 4 73 44 06 19contact
PhD student modelling
Carvalho Gabriel+33 4 73 44 06 21contact
PhD student
Houballah Mojtaba+33 4 73 44 06 34contact
PhD student
Lalechère Etienne+33 4 73 44 06 69contact
PhD student
Lambert Eva+33 4 73 44 06 99contact

Previous members

Bernard Clairecontact
Site personnel :
Bonté Brunocontact
Post doctorat sur projet ANR FORGECO
Boulil Kamalcontact
I am a PhD student on spatial data warehouse constraint modeling at Irstea. I was born in 1982 in Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria. I received my master degree in Databases and Artificial Intelligence in 2009 (University of Burgundy, France) and my engineering degree in Information Systems in 2007 (National School of Computer Science, Algeria). My current research interests include spatial data warehouse modeling; constraint definition to control warehoused data quality, data aggregation quality and Spatial OLAP exploration process for better Spatial OLAP Analysis.
Brias Antoine+33 4 73 44 06 32contact
PhD Student Personnal website:
Dia Oumou Rabycontact
Duchesne Ronan+33 4 73 44 07 38contact
Gandar Benoîtcontact
PhD Page perso
Grebert Théophilecontact
Guélon Thomascontact
Page perso :
Jacquot Auréliencontact
Research engineer in Computer Science for Wireless Sensors Networks Mon CV en ligne
Kone Cheick Tidjanecontact
Lenfant Adriencontact
Lenormand Maximecontact
Mahboubi Hadjcontact
Post-doctoral researcher. Data warehouse of environmental simulation results, Spatio-temporal data warehouse design.
Rouge Charlescontact I am finishing my PhD at Irstea-LISC. My PhD thesis, now completed, revisits the concepts of resilience and vulnerability using a stochastic controlled dynamical systems perspective, as well as the framework of viability theory. My research interests are centered around the development of concepts and methods to understand change in social-ecological systems, and the associated adaptation mechanisms. Such developments are meant to be applied to any kind of social-ecological systems. Due to my background however, I have in particular a taste for cases connected to water resources management issues. Thus, the three main research axes I am interested in are: 1) providing a conceptual basis as well as operational indicators to help describe the impact of extreme events and environmental changes; 2) providing mathematical and statistical tools to describe changes, both in theory (for scenario planning) and in practice (in time series from real-world data); 3) exploring the crossing scales drivers and impacts of social and environmental change.
Wei Wei+33 4 73 44 07 38contact
Zaamoune Mehdi+33 4 73 44 06 62contact
PhD Student.
  • Thesis topic : Integrating and handling continuous fields in a ROLAP architecture.