Permanent Staff

Alvarez Isabelle+33 1 44 27 87 38contact
Research scientist
Chercheur au LISC et au LIP6 (UPMC)
Robustness, viability and resilience in environmental models; geometric methods, decision support.
Etude de la robustesse et de la résilience de modèles de viabilité ; point de vue géométrique vs. point de vue probabiliste en aide à la décision.
Deffuant Guillaume+33 4 73 44 06 14contact
Head of LISC and of research theme MOTIVE. Social simulation, empathy, machine learning, viability and resilience algorithms.
Dumoulin Nicolas+33 4 73 44 07 29contact
Computer scientist. java technologies − software design − simulation − numerical exploration
Faure Thierry+33 4 73 44 07 34contact
Ferluc Herve+33 4 73 44 06 61contact
Huet Sylvie+33 4 73 44 06 15contact
Research scientist Social simulation, social psychology, attitude dynamics, demography, innovation diffusion
Jabot Franck+33 4 73 44 07 33contact
Research scientist Ecological modelling − theoretical ecology − (meta)community ecology − ecological networks webpage
Martin Sophie+33 4 73 44 07 29contact
Mathias Jean-Denis+33 4 73 44 06 80contact
Research scientist modeling, social ecological systems, resilience
Smadi Charline+33 4 73 44 06 40contact
Research scientist Branching processes in random environment − Birth and death processes with competition − Population dynamics − Ecology − Evolution webpage

Temporary Staff

Bertazzi Ilariacontact
Caen Auguste+33 4 73 44 06 19contact
PhD student modelling
Carvalho Gabriel+33 4 73 44 06 21contact
PhD student
Houballah Mojtaba+33 4 73 44 06 34contact
PhD student
Lalechère Etienne+33 4 73 44 06 69contact
PhD student

Past members

Bernard Clairecontact
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Bonté Brunocontact
Post doctorat sur projet ANR FORGECO
Brias Antoine+33 4 73 44 06 32contact
PhD Student Personnal website:
Dia Oumou Rabycontact
Duchesne Ronan+33 4 73 44 07 38contact
Gandar Benoîtcontact
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Grebert Théophilecontact
Guélon Thomascontact
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Lenfant Adriencontact
Lenormand Maximecontact
Mahboubi Hadjcontact
Post-doctoral researcher. Data warehouse of environmental simulation results, Spatio-temporal data warehouse design.
Rouge Charlescontact I am finishing my PhD at Irstea-LISC. My PhD thesis, now completed, revisits the concepts of resilience and vulnerability using a stochastic controlled dynamical systems perspective, as well as the framework of viability theory. My research interests are centered around the development of concepts and methods to understand change in social-ecological systems, and the associated adaptation mechanisms. Such developments are meant to be applied to any kind of social-ecological systems. Due to my background however, I have in particular a taste for cases connected to water resources management issues. Thus, the three main research axes I am interested in are: 1) providing a conceptual basis as well as operational indicators to help describe the impact of extreme events and environmental changes; 2) providing mathematical and statistical tools to describe changes, both in theory (for scenario planning) and in practice (in time series from real-world data); 3) exploring the crossing scales drivers and impacts of social and environmental change.
Wei Wei+33 4 73 44 07 38contact