Motive Research Theme

The research theme was created in June 2009, from two Irstea teams located in Clermont-Ferrand:

  • COPAIN (team “Systèmes d'information communicants et agri-environnementaux”) belonging to the research unit “Technologies et systèmes d'information pour les agrosytèmes (TSCF)”. The researches of Copain focus on specific aspects in the development of sensor networks and data or knowledge management in agriculture or environmental management.
  • LISC (research unit “Laboratoire d'Ingénierie des Systèmes Complexes”) develops individual-based models to study the complexity of social or eco-system dynamics and new methods for assessing the viability or resilience of such systems.

In addition to their specific researches, both teams collaborate in the development of data warehouses for storing and exploring the results of complex simulations (in the European project PRIMA) and for evaluating the viability of sensors or sensor networks.